all our truths meet in secret to decide who must come out first.

soundlessly they take size of one another.

the truth of the world, the truth that exists outside of us, it is never welcomed at these meetings.

the elusive truth, the truth, the one we die never knowing, it stands shy, naked, without reason.

the garbed truth always prevails.


picture credit : The MET Greek & Roman Art.


If you’ve come back

Boston Post, Massachusetts, October 7, 1920


You look like you’re going to leave me again.

You kiss fervently, deeply – you’re not here to stay.

You smile more, caress my arms, hold on to my waist, stare at me longer.

If you’ve come back to hurt me, look right at me, 

do it quick, don’t give me time to look away.


Picture Credit – Boston Post, Massachusetts, October 7, 1920

safer to swim



do you feel misguided because you’re the one steering the ship?

fog racing on the back of wind, a faulty needle pointing at nothing

and everything all at once.

long rough hair whipping against your skin, sensitized by the cold,

eyeballs watering, sores bleeding, back crimpling, folding like paper.

you hear the voice of someone asking for security

and the first instinct is to push that voice over board.

it would be safer to swim in the unknown ocean than lose yourself on an unnamed ship.